Really Small Businesses

April 17, 2014

I just watched an interesting Techcrunch video from Mark Goines and Semil Shaho on Small Business. For those that don't know, Goines had a long stint at Intuit and is a notorious angel within the smb vertical. Shaho manages Haywire, an early stage investment firm that works with mobile first startups.

In 2010, I first discovered this problem while working at Ziplocal. As Director of Social Commerce, I launched from inception to delivery, new digital products to 60k Small Businesses and 700 sales reps. They really lacked the tools to effectively manage and market their business. The main reason why i'm working on Promo.

I've included the 15 minute video below, but Mark shares some of the same thoughts and signals i've noticed within the space. “RSBs,” or “really small businesses,” typically those which employ less than five people, are not served well by existing business tools, which are either too primitive or too sophisticated. Marketers can now identify and target these RSBs for next to nothing, creating opportunities to build verticalized or broad solutions for them.

Do you think Small Businesses have the proper tools to succeed?