Setting Goals For 2014

January 5, 2014

It's really easy to set ambitious goals. Placing goal posts at the right distance and monitoring goal progress for each goal has been a big challenge for me. Where are your goal posts? Are you reeling them in, or setting them further back? Posting your public goals is fairly pompous, but sharing for social accountability. Some public goals for 2014:

12 New Projects
ABS and JFS. I want to ship 12 new projects this year. Distractions suck, and taking on more projects is counter intuitive. They keep things interesting, stem new ideas, new learnings, and creativity. I want to start and ship 12 new projects outside of regular business. This could include launching a new website/product, learning a new skill, or hobby. One new project, every month... taking no more than a weekend to build/learn.

24 Blog Posts
Write a minimum of 2 new blog posts per month covering trends, predictions, findings, client work, major wins, and epic fails.

Learn something new everyday. Get better at communication, writing blog posts, stress management, presentations, working with different people and groups. To keep an open mind and become a better listener.

Improve process flows

Improve eating, sleeping, and mental habits. Add regular meditation to daily routine. More gym!

Become more active in the Vancouver startup community and volunteer more time with charities and other groups. Start early stage marketing meetup group in Vancouver with a few meetup events.

Rehabilitate Knee
Make knee better. Last year I was training for a full marathon and my aggressive runkeeper workouts got the best of me. I'd like to work towards running that full marathon

Remove time sucks, apps or services that act as major distraction, or that hinder any of the goals above

Start using journal to capture daily thoughts and quotes from friends, family, mentors, and people I respect

Invest more time and energy getting to know the android platform, applications, and typical ux/ui's

What are your goals this year?