April Newsletter - Issue 6

covid wall mural art vancouver

I hope everyone's keeping safe. Vancouver is in good shape versus many parts of the world. How are you holding up? I'm rollerblading the seawall most days and just plugging away with work. I will spare you a with shorter monthly update. Kicked off 2 design projects last week.

Stay safe

March Updates:


Observation: Design of web and mobile applications is phenomenal across the board. Large companies that were once slow, are now fast.. and beautiful.

Banks, SaaS, government micro-sites, everyone and everything digital looks stunning. This is fantastic news for consumers. Challenging for digital entrepreneurs that leverage design as a major competitive advantage.

Digital Product Cycles - NA and Europe facing:

  • Web 1.0 - any web service that’s usable, or with a sales team
  • Web 2.0 - social social social + social graph + social growth (design doesn’t matter)
  • Mobile 1.0 - anything usable, can look like whatever
  • Web 3.0 - ux + design matters (startup beachhead)
  • Mobile 2.0 - ux + design matters (startup beachhead)
  • Mobile 3.0 - beautiful, perfect, fast ,secure, and without a glitch.. or I’ll delete you
  • Web 4.0 - mobile was our priority, but now let’s clean up our website + desktop experience. Beautiful, perfect, fast, secure, and without a glitch.

Over the last 6 to 12 months we've seen a boom of designer focused tools like Sketch, Figma, and Zeplin. These tools standardize and speed up the process of developing digital products. Meaning, all low hanging fruit related to mobile is officially done. Legacy unsexy businesses are entering, or finishing the Mobile 3.0 cycle. The next wave of competitive design, especially for early-stage startups: 3D, Audio, AR, VR, Space, Household, Food, and Health.


I'm working with a Vancouver based marketplace and postponed my travel plans to Asia and Europe. Under NDA, can't share much. Looking for a second consulting gig and wire-framing / sound-framing an audio based application.



Film / TV:


  • Crate diggers club - a community of digital crate diggers, who share unfamiliar gems.
  • Been djing some weekend on twitch!

That's all.. Let me know what you liked, want to see more or less of.

A few photos from March

iga empty shelves save on foodsbig lineup iga plexi glass screen cashier weed store still serving facetime hangouts yo dj stanley park sunrise bridge lions gate bridge wow english bay olympic statue sunset