June Newsletter - Issue 8

I want to maintain my monthly newsletter updates, but it's hard to write anything when the world is so divided and 22 cities are rioting across America. How do we fix covid, healthcare for all, racism, earnings inequality, free speech, fact-checking, and Hong Kong?

Those seem far more important than my little newsletter updates. I have no solutions, but suspect technology isn't playing the role it should, or could.

I'm a bit bummed out about everything and will keep this newsletter short. I encourage you to chat with your partner, family, friends, and coworkers about everything that's going on. Some people refuse to discuss or get informed, but that in of itself is a privilege.

Mobile Applications and Happiness


The rankings above reflect data collected from a pool of 200,000 iPhone users. It appears clear to me, you want to build utilities that provide value without competing for time, your most precious resource.

You want to build and support utility applications that solve real problems with paid subscriptions. Free apps fighting for your time are essentially smoking. Facebook and MR Mark Zuckerberg are by far the worst offenders and should not be trusted. At least until we can pay a recurring monthly fee and FB can start building consumer products responsibly without stealing happiness and time, our most precious possession

TLDR - build useful utility applications that consume 15 minutes or less of your daily screen time.

May Updates:

Tech / Product stuff

I don't have much more to say right now. I will send a longer update in a few weeks.
Stay safe.


May Photos

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