Marketing Campaign Audit

Oct 28, 2015

Hey marketing team, check this.. I was working away and listening to the amazing Majestic Casual youtube channel, when you interrupted me with your Prenagon Pregnancy Education Journey 2015 Campaign. Occasionally, I do marketing audits and today I want to share a few tips and low hanging fruit to improve your online marketing efforts. This is part of my commitment to the Agile Marketing Manifesto.

I love marketing and video advertising. Many of my friends install ad blockers, but I invite advertisements… give me your best shot. Sadly, you guys missed the mark on so many areas that I was compelled to write a quick blog post with some opportunities to improve your current Education Tour 2015 campaign and overall marketing strategy. I spent a total of 30 minutes on this project. 15 minutes reviewing your site and another 15 minutes creating this post, here’s what I found:

Your Video Ad

Your Landing Page - A Google Doc!!

Prenagon Pregnancy Education Journey 2015 Campaign Landing Page
Opportunities to improve:
  • Apparently “Common Sense” is the AOR (Agency of Record) that assembled the video? Why would you, or better yet, how did they let you, upload the full video with pre-roll credits to youtube? Why is there a video countdown to the start of the ad? People have short attention spans, it’s super unprofessional and serves no purpose to the consumer. Youtube includes a basic video editor where you can adjust the start / end times.
  • The creative doesn’t utilize the full video screen size and lacks a higher resolution for those on fast internet connections. 480p isn’t enough.
  • You use google forms to capture leads. Wait.. what? Paid video ads to a google form instead of a dedicated landing page that you can optimize? Why? Do you lack development resources to implement landing pages and forms on your own? How are you going to optimize your form? How many people started the form, but didn’t finish? How are you going to optimize the header image, the copy, the landing page? You can’t.. How can you retarget those that fell off, part way through the form? Again, you can’t. This goes against the Responsible Marketing Manifesto. Why bother launching a PAID marketing campaign if you don’t have some basic things in place. My friends over at can help you with creating a landing page and some basic tracking and optimization. Ask for Corey Diley, he’ll take good care of you.
  • The landing page isn't optimized for conversion. Visitors need to scroll and fill out a lot of fields. Keep opt-in and CTA above the fold.
  • There's absolutely no incentive for why someone should register. What will they get? Why is it important? Why must I cancel all my plans to attend your event? What was the main CTA in your video, this should be reinforced on your landing page.
  • Campaign targeting - I’m clearly outside of your target audience - 33, male, single, foreigner, etc. Set better campaign targeting rules.
  • Instagram - you lack social engagement b/c you don’t have a good content marketing strategy in place. You’ve purchased fake Instagram followers. Fake followers don’t engage with you. In addition, your content is boring and lacks polish. Instagram is likely the most important channel for your brand. You need a strong content marketing strategy. Creating life and everything that comes with it is a magical experience. There's many stories to be told.

That’s what I found in about 15, maybe 20 minutes. Super low hanging fruit and easily fixed in few hours.

If you would like to be part of my next free public marketing audit where i’ll provide a candid review of your latest campaign, website, or mobile app, fill out this form. My small team at Viral Foundry is also available for full fledged marketing audits and building great digital products.

Thoughts? What other tips do you have for Marketing Team?