Unbounce Wish List

May 20, 2013

Hey Unbouncers, as someone that uses and recommends your product, I would like to point out some features that we’re dying to get our hands on. I know I’m not the only one, so perhaps other users can help collaborate and chime in?

Unbounce Top 10 Product Wish List:

  1. Mobile Love - Unbounce doesn’t work on mobile devices, which makes us sad. It renders properly on iphones and newer android devices but not every mobile device. There’s no options for responsive design or to even test/preview on mobile devices. What about re-routing mobile users to a different page, CTA, or conversion goal? What about teaming up with Mobify down the street - there’s getting pages rendered and looking sexy, and then there’s optimizing for conversion. This is the biggest shortcoming that makes it a pain to work with Unbounce.

  2. Shared Header / Footers - The duplicate page option works well for creating new pages, but what happens if you use standard headers or footer navigation bars? More specifically what happens if you need to update a url or button within these areas? There’s no easy way to edit all of the existing pages that share that nav bar (think header or footer files). You literally have to navigate and edit every single page and challenger. Not good times for microsites with lots of experiment pages. Without this feature, we’re slowing moving sites to plain HTML on Github Pages, Harp, and similar platforms.

  3. Custom 404 pages - The following error message “the requested url was not found on this server” isn’t very friendly or useful. If I can’t have my own custom 404 page, give us options to redirect users to an existing page within our account OR root domain of our choosing. Example

  4. Index pages for custom subdomains - If I wanted to create a microsite for say “yvr.kennyscarwash.com/”, I’d like to create a default homepage for that subdomain. If anyone removes the trailing ‘/’ they are redirected to a page of my choice.

  5. Marketplace - It would be really interesting to offer a marketplace where power-users could sell landing page themes (think themeforest) or offer services such as : psd to unbounce, analytics setup, optimization help, and design a landing page. This enables new users to outsource specific areas where they lack skill, resources, or time. Huge community opportunity.

  6. Import / Export to html - Allow options to import existing html to Unbounce, or allow users to export landing pages to raw html/css. This might seem counterintuitive, but there’s plenty of users that would pay for a web-based html builder. There are lots of theme / landing page template sites that already provide HTML + CSS. Being able to import and host directly with Unbounce would open up a huge new market. Something to think about?

  7. Web Fonts - Make it easier for users to use web fonts within the web builder. For 3rd party services like google fonts that do not require a login, embed the font options within the builder itself.

  8. SEO/Page load times - Sure, most people aren’t building backlinks to Unbounce landing pages, but I’m thinking around page load times. Huge images, multiple web fonts, and additional javascript calls to 3rd party websites slow down page load times where people abandon the page before the page fully loads. I would love options/notifications/recommendations when previewing the landing page around page load times.

  9. Analytics - Make it easier for people to integrate their existing analytics platform.

  10. Optimize my existing page - Allow users to add a single line of Unbounce javascript to an existing webpage to run experiments. See Optimize.ly

  11. Are there other features I missed??