Wheels Up

August 11, 2015

Last Thursday (August 6, 2015) I booked a one way ticket to Split, Croatia. These keystrokes come to you from 36k feet above the friendly skies of Austria.

Austria from 36k feet

Over the last 20 hours (YVR-SFO-FRA-SPU) I've had time to reflect on the goals of my trip, implications and business opportunities involved with running a remote business. Today, I'm going to publicly share some personal thoughts on why I decided to pack everything and fly to Europe. In addition, I'll openly discuss some experiments, challenges I foresee, and areas I want to work on.

Family, friends, clients, and advisors have asked repeatedly: why Croatia? When are you coming back? Are you shutting down Promo? What about your investors? What about your clients? Are you okay? This feels awfully rushed?

No, I'm not having a meltdown. I'm still committed to building products that fix real life problems. We'll continue to explore ways promo helps businesses with promotion management and distribution. As long as we can deliver, then why does it matter where we work from? I have no return date selected, I booked a one way flight and don't know when i'll be back.

Do you have an agenda?

No. I plan to chase the sun, continue working 50+ hours per week, and keep the monthly burn down. I hope to visit/live in the following countries : Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, USA (NY/SF), and ?

Experiment 1 / hypothesis

Building a startup with remote team

Questions I want to answer:

  • Will I enjoy working abroad on my own?
  • Can I live out of a suitcase and consistently find fast reliable internet?
  • Can the team work together remotely?
  • Can we find product market fit for Promo?
  • Can we build a successfully remote company?

Over the last few years, we've seen an influx of digital nomads and remote startups. Zapier, Buffer, and Automattic/wordpress come to mind. All of which, have done a fabulous job with culture and building great products.

The challenge(s) of remote startup teams have been discussed several times: communication, timezones, clients, banking, hiring, etc. My friends at a few VC firms note internal policies have recently changed... Gone are the days where teams require a central office to be even considered for a meeting, never mind an investment. Let's see how this goes

Experiment 2 / hypothesis

My Personal Development

To be more human. More raw. More open. Take a deeper look at my purpose.

2014 was tough. It marked the end of a 7 year relationship, health issues, and business struggles. I was burned out. Sick of Vancouver. In October I tried to reset with a 4 week trip to Palm Springs and LA. It didn't really work. I was in survival mode, feeling completely stuck so I had remove myself. A few months before then, I joined a small group called The Elephants (inspired by Nick Crocker). It's helped me immensely. I encourage you to check it out, it's helped me build a framework for personal development and accountability towards the pursuit of happiness.

Today, now, this trip. It's about building the future. Not survival.

Traveling makes your mind more agile. It forces you to question everything. THIS journey is my biggest Spirit Quest yet. A chance to shake it up, fully reset, explore, meet new humans, to work on me, build a new set of scaffolding. A chance to work on my business and travel the world at the same time. Is this real life? What a dream come true

My plane touches down in 50 minutes. I have 2 nights of accommodation planned in old town, Split. I'm unsure where I'll end up... And I couldn't be more excited!

Have a suggestion or where I should travel to? On the road, want to meetup? Let me know in the comments.

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Thoughts? Where should I work/travel next?