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About Kenny

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kenny Grant, I love bringing ideas to life and building ways to turn those ideas into products. This love has taken me to places around the world and given me experiences that are best talked about in real life over coffee.

What am I up to? I’m developing new consumer facing products with focus on content driven commerce, personal productivity, and happiness (interactive audio via AirPod Apps??).

Over the last year, Roy and I built Shipmates, a development focused Shopify agency. We’re also validating meta-tags as a service through Unfurls and Roy built a headless e-commerce engine with Phoenix and Elixir called Freshcom. I also provide advisory and consulting support for start-ups.

If I had to sum it up neatly, I’d say that my professional career covers digital innovation in emerging technologies, product management, marketing, and sourcing top talent. Before starting a product studio called Viral Foundry, I was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Full Stack Ventures. I built applications for BBC America and NBC Universal. And I launched products for 60,000 SMBs across the United States.

I believe digital products are more than just binary code or pixels on a screen. I want to connect and collaborate with other builders to fix worthwhile problems, create magic, bring products to life, and advance the human journey. I love my life and I feel incredibly grateful to have (objectively) the best job in the world: inventing new things for people around the world.

Stealth, Shipmates, Unfurls, Freshcom, + experiments.

Previously Built:
Promo, Viral Foundry, Lookout, Lookout Slack App, + others that are no longer online

Clients and Collaborations:
Full Stack Ventures, Finstripe, BBC America, NBC Universal, Hootsuite, Ziplocal, Ambronite, 50+ ecommerce companies, Homeless Charities, and many startups.

As much as I love my life, there’s also more to it than building awesome digital products and business. I was born in Scotland (I’ve lost the accent), and immigrated to Canada when I was 7 years old. I’m a snowbird and am grateful to be able to split my time between Vancouver and Singapore.

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The best ideas come from anywhere and everywhere, so I try to fit in as much traveling, reading, design, Pacha, rollerblading, surfing, sunshine, coffee, podcasts, people watching, gourmet cheeseburgers, and Bangkok street food into my life as I can. When I’m not doing any of those things, I explore ideas for goal setting, mental health, and how we can share our personal journey with family and close friends.

I’m happy you stopped by my little hole in the internet wall. I would love to hear your story, and your ideas about anything and everything.

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Mission Statement

Facilitate significant improvements in productivity, happiness, and mental health around the world. I believe in adventure and creating value for others. To explore, remain open, improve myself everyday, but not take myself too seriously. Build memorable products and experiences that enrich people's lives.

Top Strengths

Ideation Focus Competition Woo Achiever


My Core Values

Self Respect
Work Ethic


Where to next?