kenny grant vancouver
kenny grant vancouver
kenny grant vancouver

About Kenny

Builder and Business Helper

Hi, my name is Kenny Grant, based out of Vancouver, Canada! In the last 15 years, I've tackled diverse challenges in businesses, from technical to marketing, r&d, design, and operations. The 0 to 1 phase of any business is one of the most exciting parts, at least to me.

Since Covid, I have been working closely with startup founders as a venture builder and business advisor. In parallel, I build my own ideas. Here's my product stable. Email if you'd like to hear more details + case studies!

  • Specialties: growth marketing, product, team formation, shipping, and scaling the first versions of B2B2C products.
  • Stage: Angel, Pre-seed, through to Series A. Headcounts of 0 to 50.

In short, I want to invent and supports builders in a brighter future.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, surfing, yoga, and rollerblading. I’m happy you stopped by my little hole in the internet wall. Have a nice day!

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kenny grant at a mountain kenny grant at a mountain

Mission Statement

Transform the world through innovative and soulful products, inspiring 10m dreamers to play, live consciously, and grow.