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About Kenny

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kenny Grant, I love rollerblading and bringing new digital products to life. Currently in Vancouver, but tend to split my time between Singapore and the Pacific North West.

What am I up to? Consulting with early stage startups, D2C ecommerce brands, and building a product studio called Viral Foundry. My professional career covers digital innovation in emerging technologies, product management, team building, and marketing. Need help?


I want to live in a world where we encourage creativity, respect human attention, and practice conscious capitalism. How can we leverage technology to improve the world? Are you working on something similar? I’d love to connect. Please reach out. Life is magical and mysterious... Friends, collabs, clients? You never know.

Consulting - Venture Building, Startup Advisor, Fractional d2c CPO, Product.
Viral Foundry - digital products to help you think and feel better.

Previously Built:
Pump Up The Jam, Shipmates, Unfurls Stickers, Shopify Social Score, Promo, Lookout, Lookout Slack App, + wack load of other apps that are no longer online. Check out Product Hunt or read my blog for more details.

Clients and Collaborations:
Autozen, Full Stack Ventures, 50+ ecommerce companies, Finstripe, BBC America, NBC Universal, Hootsuite, Ziplocal, Ambronite, Open Road Auto Group, Homeless Charities, and many startups.

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Outside of work, I try to fit in as much travelling, books, design, rollerblading, surfing, sunshine, people watching, and gourmet cheeseburgers into my life as I can.

I’m happy you stopped by my little hole in the internet wall. I would love to hear your story, and your ideas about anything and everything.

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Mission Statement

Facilitate significant improvements in happiness, productivity, and mental health around the world. Humanize technology and digital experiences that enrich people’s lives. To explore, remain open, have fun in my journey, improve myself every day, but not take myself too seriously.


My Core Values