Pitch Deck Review

Get an extra pair of 👀 on your Investor, Channel Partner, or Sales Deck

If you're up for it, share your pitch deck using this form, and I'd be happy to give you some feedback. I've got a soft spot for early-stage founders, and I'm all about that exciting 0 to 1 journey. Builders gotta build!

Also, I might have some suggestions for the right investors or angels. Looking forward to it!

The Small Print:

  • Review timing: Please understand that I review submissions based on my availability and the volume of requests.
  • Feedback not guaranteed: While I strive to provide feedback to all submissions, please keep in mind that I may not be able to offer feedback on every pitch, and my feedback should be considered as one perspective.
  • Feedback delivery: Expect to receive feedback via email within 4 days, where I'll provide detailed insights and suggestions.
  • Mailing list inclusion: By submitting your pitch deck, you'll be automatically added to my mailing list. However, you can opt out at any time to stop receiving updates.