Growth Huddle with Kenny Grant

Guidance for Your Startup: Get Quick Feedback and Insights

Unlock answers to questions like:

"Is my product or business on the right track?"
"How can I effectively target my market, build the right product, and GTM?"
"How can I improve my pitch deck, product, or website?"
"What strategies can help me scale my business without compromising on core values and ethics?"
"How can I overcome insert specific startup challenge and or setback?"

Hey there, thanks for landing on my Growth Huddle page. I'm excited to connect with builders and founders like you. I understand the challenges of the 0 to 1 journey, and having an unbiased sounding board has been a game-changer for me. Offering one free Growth Huddle slot every few weeks. See you inside!

Who Can Benefit?
Builders, entrepreneurs, and artists.

About You:

  • B2B2C or B2C Startup Founder, Builder, or Artist.
  • Company Stage: 0 to 1, or PMF with $0 to $20m ARR. Bootstrapped or venture backed.
  • Industry: SaaS, future of work, productivity, commerce, education, refined goods, utility, small business, emerging tech.
  • Location: North America or Singapore.

About Me:

  • I've successfully assisted early-stage founders in raising venture funding, provided invaluable advisory support to over 10 venture-backed startups, created a diverse range of 20+ products under different contexts (including bootstrapped, venture-backed, and corporate innovation), conducted due diligence for PE firms, and adeptly assembled cross-functional teams for design, development, marketing, operations, and sales (NA + Asia).
  • Expertise: 0 to 1, product, marketing, gtm, building teams, etc.
  • Please take a few minutes to read my guiding principles.

Schedule Your Huddle:
Reservations are made based on the principle of first-come, first-served. If no availability is found, please revisit weekly.

The Small Print:

  • Sessions are intended for builders / entrepreneurs. Please do not use this time to sell me a product or service.
  • I do not sign NDAs for our office hour sessions. These meetings are intended for informal and open discussions to provide guidance and insights for your business journey. Rest assured that your privacy is paramount. Conversations held within our Zoom sessions are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Upon booking a growth huddle, you'll be added to my mailing list. After our session, you'll receive a brief 2-minute survey to gather your valuable feedback.