I’m exploring new ways to share my professional and personal journey with close ones. I ran out of time relaunching the new website, but I wanted to at least share this temp holding page and hopefully spark some new conversations.

I read the following medium post from Nick Crocker 5 years ago. My good buddy Max shared the blog post, and we started our own elephants group replicating most of the same format and principles.

The Elephants Medium post

Our group is no longer active, we lasted about 2 years, but I want to share some templates we used. Hopefully they are useful, especially if you want to run a group on your own.

I’m exploring new ideas around sharing personal updates (or what i’m calling your personal life journal) with family and very close friends. If you have ideas or suggestions, or want to try it out, I’d love to hear from you! Here are the templates I created.

Growth Templates:
Google doc weekly format
Keynote quarterly presentation document

At a later time, i’ll share some of my personal reports and a small digital product/property to track and share your own journey with people that matter to you most.