AI Agents, Climate Tech, Pioneers, Settlers, GPT3 - Issue 12

Ada apa? Salutations from Bali, Indonesia. Following a few weeks in Singapore, I jumped over to Canggu (Bali) where I’ve been surfing, visiting friends, and wrapping up a client engagement. My current research interests include AI, Climate Tech, Sustainability, and Social Impact. Are you working in these areas? Let me know what you’re building or who you’re supporting by replying.

Artificial intelligence is evolving at hyper warp speeds, making it difficult to remain on top. Let’s get into what I find intriguing and where we’re going next.

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Climate Tech & Sustainability - December Findings

I think it's important to get involved in fields that have the potential to make a real difference in the world. Climate Tech and Circular Economy are two of those fields, and I believe that they can help us create a more sustainable future. It's easy to get involved and this last month I started studying fast fashion, supply chains, and emerging startups.

I wrote an entire blog post that covers the circular economy, established companies entering the circular economy, and emerging startups in the space.

Read the full blog post and let me know your thoughts

Builders — Where Do You Belong?

pioneers settlers town planners product builders

Product peeps. This 3x3 matrix can help you find your perfect role. Each axes work together to pinpoint what type(s) of job would be most beneficial for an individual’s strengths - whether they’re looking into changing careers or just need some clarity around their future plans. For founders, it helps us improve organizational fit within companies and identify what people’s true callings are.

Rabbit hole 1, 2, 3.

Nike Launches Virtual Creation Studio

Swoosh.Nike is the official launch of Nike Virtual Studios and represents the brands home of virtual creations, a new platform to buy, show off and trade phygital and virtual Nike goods via Polygon. It’s worth paying attention, especially as the platform boasts the opportunity for co-creator royalties.

nike swoosh

How does it work? Co-create products with Nike by winning community challenges and getting a slice of the royalties on sales. A novel and brand-first initiative for customers. Some call it a Nike Metaverse?

Website -

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AI Agents = the next big thing

The AI is coming, but could intelligent agents be the killer real-life breakthrough technology consumers at scale will adore?

What are AI Agents?

In AI, an intelligent agent (IA) is an independent entity which observes and operates upon an environment and directs its activity towards accomplishing goals. In short, an intelligent agent is an entity that interacts with its surroundings via:

  • perception through sensors
  • actions through effectors or actuators

Function of AI Agents

Intelligent agents continuously perform the following functions:

  1. perception of dynamic conditions in the environment
  2. action to affect conditions in the environment
  3. reasoning to interpret perceptions
  4. solve problems
  5. draw inferences
  6. determine actions
ai agents overview

A Few Examples

Feeling like you're in the dark, or not getting it? Here are some examples of agents that will help clear things up for ya.

Human Agents

  • eyes, ears, skin, taste buds, etc. for sensors
  • hands, fingers, legs, mouth, etc., for actuators

Robot Agents

  • camera, infrared, bumper, etc., for sensors.
  • grippers, wheels, lights, speakers, etc., for actuators.

Software Agents

Functions as sensors:

  • data given as input to functions in the structure of encoded bit strings or symbols

Functions as actuators:

  • results deliver the output


Where am I going with all of this? A new era of AI Agents that power devices (such as a Nest Thermostat, robots, cars, ar) and software (Siri, search engines, web services, etc) are going to become incredibly responsive with datasets from all sorts of new sources such as health data, world news (oil crisis), weather patterns, dating data, bank account, etc… The list goes on for what these things might know about us yet but one thing’s certain: an AI agent is continually learning and moving towards an intended goal. We, the operator, set the desired goal (keeping my home at a comfortable temperature for each visitor, staying within my budget, and being environmentally conscious) and AI Agents will act, consume, and learn new skills/data to reach those desired goals.

We’ll see AI Agents interacting with other AI Agents. Maybe Zapier can seize this opportunity, or maybe we’ll see a new AI Agent middleware.

A few more AI Agent definitions:


An AI agent has the following properties.


  • Situated in some environments.


  • It can operate without direct interference from humans or other software methods, and controls its own activities and internal environment.
  • An agent is autonomous if its performance is defined by its own experience regarding its capability to learn and adapt.
  • Autonomous agent decides independently which steps to take in the current condition to maximize improvement towards the purpose.


  • Responsive (reactive): Agents should recognize their surroundings and react to changes that occur in it.
  • Proactive: Agents should not only act in response to their surroundings, but they should also be able to manifest opportunistic, goal-directed performance and take the initiative when suitable.
  • Social: Agents are to cooperate with humans or other artificial agents.


  • A reactive system is one that maintains ongoing interaction with its environment and responds to changes that occur in it (in time for the response to be useful).
  • A program’s environment can be guaranteed. It doesn’t have to be worried about its own success or failure. An example of a guaranteed environment is compilers.
  • Most environments are dynamic, in which things change, and information is incomplete.
  • It is hard to build software for dynamic domains.
  • Programs must take into account the probability of failure.


Pro-activeness is to take the initiative to generate and attempt the goals.

  • Reacting to an environment is easy.

Using response rules

  • But generally, we want the agents to do things for us.
  • The goal is directed behaviour.

Other than the properties mentioned above, an agent has:

  • Mobility

  • The capacity of an agent to actuate around a system.

  • Veracity

  • An agent will not communicate when it has false information.

  • Benevolence

  • Agents do not have conflicting goals, and every agent will therefore always try to do what is asked for.

  • Rationality

  • The agent will perform to accomplish its goals and will not work in such a fashion as to block its goals.

  • Learning

  • An agent must be able to learn.

AI Agents will interface with other AI Agents. This weekend would be an ideal time to revisit Her.

Could Chat GPT3 Replace Google Search?

In my opinion, Google's search business has a serious competition problem called OpenAI. It won't take long for GPT3 and AI to outperform SERP.

ChatGPT3 has been trending on Twitter the last few days. It probably doesn't need much introduction, but if you haven't seen it for yourself, you should.

google chatgpt3

google chatgpt3 screenshot

Are websites soon to be a thing of the past? It is both informational and action-oriented, similar to Siri, but much more effective, in my opinion.

Read more about ChatGPT | Start playing with ChatGPT

Fully Autonomous Gym Pod

gym pod singapore

The Gym Lab is a pay-per use private fitness pod that’s popping up all over Singapore. These fitness pods are the size and shape of shipping container is-max-desktops! You download the app, book 30 minutes of time and enter 4 digit code for entry. At just $7-9 per session, I was delighted to book these on short notice. Pod sessions are a great alternative to the typical gym experience. They’re open 24/7 and offer weights, cardio equipment as well. Feel free to train alone, with a partner, friend, or a personal trainer.

The Gym Lab has a larger competitor named “The Gym Pod“ with locations throughout Singapore, including two at Changi Airport. I’m personally a big fan of this concept so hope they make it over to NA soon enough - can’t wait until my next workout in one of these things. Especially if i’m in transit.

gym pod singapore 2 gym pod singapore 3 gym pod singapore 4 gym pod singapore 5 gym pod singapore 6 gym pod singapore 7

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America is becoming a country shaped more-and-more by loneliness


I’m taking on new clients as a fractional product or marketing partner, team builder, or venture builder. As I’m testing out a slightly different approach, I’m looking for a project that’s just right for me. Details below:

  • New consumer product (zero to one, or PMF looking to 🚀)
  • Great people (no jerks). Socially responsible + conscious mindset + craftsmanship culture. Ideally it overlaps with what i’ve been covering above.
  • Ideally within one of these verticals: future of work, personal development, social impact, education, and productivity.

If you know someone who fits this bill, have them get in touch, or hit the reply button.
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