Big Ideas for 2023, New Social Consumer Apps, Social Commerce, and AI Education - Issue 15

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and with that comes a new set of challenges. The more I look around, the weirder and wackier things seem to be (Conscious AI, Cultivated Meat, UFOs, Elon, High Schools with planetarium, and even common dating practices like taking walks on a first date = cringe, etc.. ). On top of that, information is becoming outdated faster than ever before. If only we could go back to simpler times.

What am I trying to say? Expect a new email from me every 1-2 weeks, filled with my latest insights and updates.

I’m still figuring out what or where this email newsletter thing is going, but with how fast innovation and information move, waiting a whole month to share the latest just doesn’t seem right. Content and new insights has a short shelf life these days. My aim is to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial developments or amazing discoveries (at least, as I see them) that might be lurking in various rabbit holes across the vast expanse of the wacky world wide web. So, here we go..

The main theme for this week’s edition is:

  • Big Ideas + 2023 Trends
  • AI + Education?
  • Social Commerce + Gen Z
  • Climate Tech
  • Gen X Across The Globe
  • New Social Consumer Apps
  • Creativity and more!

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🔥🔥🔥 Must Read > ARK Investment Management - 12 BIG IDEAS for 2023

ark-big-ideas-2023-001 ark-big-ideas-2023-002

Innovation is Taking Off!

Out of all the reports I've read this year, this 153-page gem is a personal favourite. It's definitely worth checking out, even if you just skim it. Unlike other predictive reports, ARK nails it when it comes to linking all the themes together.

Dive In - Read Presentation

Dive In - Read Presentation

🔥🔥🔥 Must Read > The New Gatekeepers - Ben Evans

the-new-gatekeepers-2023-003.png the-new-gatekeepers-2023-004.png the end of free money 2023

The End of Free Money

This report from Ben is another must-read - it's packed with incredible insights. Grab a second coffee.

Dive In - Read Presentation

The Future of Education? Artificial Intelligence In the Classroom


The Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of AI in Education with Reid Hoffman

Of the many transformative possibilities of artificial intelligence, its potential to impact education is among the most exciting. It’s also one of the most contentious.

Reid Hoffman sits down with Chat-GPT for a fireside chat. And it's a mix of awe-inspiring, terrifying, awesome, and breathtaking, to say the least.

“As an AI language model, I can enhance the education experience by supplementing and augmenting human teachers, enhancing the learning experience with interactive and engaging content, and increasing accessibility to education.”

This episode had me vibrating, man. So many jaw-dropping and mind-blowing moments! While strolling through Stanley Park, my mind couldn't help but drift off to the potential of this technology to level the playing field for emerging markets and underprivileged countries. Should governments focus on investing in AI chat-based education systems over traditional streams? Seems like a huge Duh! Who owns and operates these LLM systems? And how can we get everyone on board?

I had another realization about the concept of AI literacy, similar to the time when reading and writing were first introduced, where children were taught these skills while their parents couldn't fully participate in them, creating a divide between the pre and post-literacy eras.

So, it’s crucial to onboard parents, educators, and children in a thoughtful way. As I mentioned in an earlier discussion, mastering the skill of prompting - knowing how to prompt effectively - is essential. This sets the stage perfectly for our discussion of AI GUI, which we’ll explore further down this page and next week (link to post incoming.

I'm all about ‘learn by doing’, so check this episode out and open up a ChatGPT browser! Blog Post:

Listen here: Apple Podcast / YouTube / Spotify / Soundcloud.

FBL87: Engineering Emotion & AI

engineering emotion regulation ai podcast

This podcast with @RosalindPicard about Engineering Emotion & AI was a pleasure to listen to. For those playing or building with AI, this is a must-hear.

The pod explores the topics of regulation, big data, and unexpected challenges

Takeaways: create with a sense of curiosity and ethics in mind.

Blog Post:

Listen here: Apple Podcast / Spotify / Google Podcast

Social Commerce & Youth Culture Unveiled

social commerce own your audience

The next big trend in the creator economy and DTC e-commerce world is boutique marketplaces. A collection of curated products from around the internet can now be provided by creators as their own online store or marketplace. Own your site, checkout, customer. No affiliate links, or promo codes.

What does it mean? Everyone is an online retailer. Curation and trust are absolutely everything. Two startups worth checking out: Flagship Shop + Shop Canal.

Here are some other discoveries or insights:

Curious about Gen Z's views on the future of work? Check out this tweet that summarizes an ongoing trend:

hustle culture gen z in 2023

Keep an eye out for a forthcoming blog post and deck dedicated to Gen Z and the Future of Work, but in the meantime, here are a few additional shares:

  • Streaming platforms in China provide users with the ability to search locally. This leads to influencers setting up outdoor portable streaming stations in wealthier neighbourhoods to attract attention and higher tip$. Additionally, they enjoy gathering as a community versus being at home. The attention economy is on full display.
  • So WTF is Digital Fashion in 2023? In this Substack, Dani explores the contrast between physical and digital fashion (IRL vs un real), particularly the growing trend of direct-to-avatar sales. While this space may have lost some momentum due to the NFT market downturn, I’m optimistic about the potential for direct-to-avatar fashion to promote sustainability once it’s on a low-emission blockchain or off-chain altogether. Do you own online swag?
  • OpenSea just dropped their fees to 0%
  • The 2020 post by Other Internet titled ‘Squad Wealth‘ is definitely worth revisiting, especially in light of my recent thoughts on the future of work. Although I may have already shared it in a previous issue, the concept of small groups working towards ‘squad wealth,’ or what I like to call ‘squad actualization,’ is still relevant and compelling. The idea behind squad actualization is that a small group can work together on a shared external mission that aligns with their personal core values and flow, with the potential for experiences of transcendence, or levelling up as a collective. This approach can lead to a powerful sense of purpose and fulfillment, not to mention the potential for achieving impressive results as a team.

Gen Z Trends

Think Forward, what’s in store for 2023 report from we are social is 🔥🔥🔥!

“For any brand or individual that wants to embody realness, the margins have become the only safe place to be.”

“For the young and online, a fluctuating or fluid self isn’t just allowed – it’s table stakes”

Don't be a mid. Read the full report with dedicate microsite pages for the following:

🏗️ Test Flights - Builders Gotta Build

Airbuds airpods app 2023 social consumer
  • Airbuds. Social Consumer is making a comeback! There’s plenty to explore, but the team at Cappuccino recently released Airbuds, one of the best apps I’ve seen in a while. What does it do? It adds a social network layer to your music playlists, allowing you to connect with your friends, discover, and share your favourite jams. If you’re a music enthusiast, you’re going to love it. Speaking of music-based social networks, the idea of connecting with your close friends through an AirPods app that combines music, social connections, and personal well-being has been on my mind for a while. Although the pandemic slowed things down, I was actively working on two products that leveraged the Spotify API and user base: Pump Up The Jam (which I couldn’t get to product-market fit in a crowded wellness market, but big thanks to Simon who helped build it) and (though customer development hit a few snags as people are often very private about their daily morning routines - I’ll share more on this topic one rainy vancouver day).
  • The new @theoasisAI app is beautifully simple and useful. Hit record, ramble, and it summarizes what you said in several different formats. Super handy for writing an email. blog post, or social content. Download the Oasis TestFlight iOS Beta now.
  • Stops is a humble endeavour to deepen your love with Photography. Forget about overlay grids, photographic rule books and cameras with 100’s of knobs. These are not essential. What you need is a camera that makes you fall in love with the process. Download the Stops TestFlight iOS Beta now. Created by eff.

The shutdown of Zenly by Snap is likely to pave the way for new and exciting social consumer apps that are both beautiful and playful. I have a strong feeling that France will emerge as the next Social Consumer hotspot.

Are you currently working on any innovative ideas or products, and do you need some extra beta testers or feedback? Let me know!

Social Impact + Climate Tech

Do you want to transition to climate work. Unsure what or where to look? Here are two brilliant posts from Nan Ransohoff. How to find a job in climate and a mental model for combating climate change.


  • Mill offers a kitchen bin that dries, shrinks, and de-stinks leftover food, eliminating food waste. Matt Rogers, a former Apple engineer and co-founder of Nest, is using his passion for climate challenges to fuel a new company called Mill that aims to turn food waste into chicken feed. They just came out of stealth mode with a $100 million investment from Prelude Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, Google Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Mill has 100 employees. Its headquarters are in San Bruno, Calif., and its R&D facility is in Seattle. Press Release, or visit for more details.
  • Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computing with the future of the climate. In layman’s terms, green bitcoin mining via flaring. I first learned about them by watching an insanely high-quality YouTube video produced by Goldman Sachs.
  • Government greenwashing? In Australia’s Outback, a controversial cash crop is booming: Carbon.

Gen X - Curious about what kids are really doing online?


If you’re a parent and want to better understand what your kid is up to online, particularly in terms of video content, social media, and education, and establish some guidelines, then this report from Qustodio is for you. Some takeaways:

This report sheds light on the online activities that children worldwide are most engaged in.

  • In the coming years, the challenge will be to strike a better balance between screen time and family time.
  • Addressing the ongoing tension between screen time and family time will remain a key priority.
  • Families are playing an increasingly active role in their children’s digital experiences.
  • Ensuring children’s online safety requires a collective effort from parents, educators, and policymakers.
  • The popularity of platforms like Roblox and YouTube is truly remarkable! Or. at least I found it nuts!

View Gen X Report

China and India Are Poised to Become the Next Global Powerhouses

Incredible as it may seem, India now boasts over 750 million internet users, up from nearly zero just a decade or so ago. China, the world’s most populous country now has over 1.03 billion internet users, which is more than triple the amount of the third-ranked United States, with only around 307 million internet users.


Interesting Links

A curated list of interesting content from the future, IRL, and across the web:

“seaplanes that would fly less than 100 feet off the ground and carry 90 tons of cargo more than 6,500 nautical miles”

In the slow lane:

Questions or Quotes Swirling in My Head

“Every Solopreneur I know faces similar struggles: Fears of irrelevancy, feeling fraudulent, impostor syndrome, wondering if they are “good enough”, chasing other people’s success, yo-yo’ing confidence, etc. In a weird twist, this is what keeps them driving forward, too.” - Justin Welsh

“As an artist, I’ve done research in all sorts of libraries, large and small. Whenever I hit a new one, I search the catalog for personal diaries, the more raw and homespun the better” - Kristin Posehn

“Never take your gifts for granted, move away from anyone who does. They’re not for free, they’re not accidental”. Goethe said, ‘What we nurture in ourselves will grow, that is nature’s eternal law.’ Amid the distractions, your gifts are waiting for your attention. Believe in them.


Thanks for reading. What are you working on these days?

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