Gratitude Survey Results, Building New Product Putj, Interesting Shares, Granville Covid Photos - Issue 7

covid wall mural art vancouver

April was crazy. I kicked off 2 new products, killed Unfurls, and paused work with a Vancouver based marketplace. I registered a new BC Corp and started working with several new contractors from around the world.

How are you holding up? I'm in a good flow right now. It's been heartwarming working with these new teammates, hearing Covid stories from Toronto, Calgary, New York, SF, London, Jakarta, Singapore, and Paris. Regardless of location, everyone is rallying. Here in Vancouver, local artists have transformed shuttered business storefronts into beautiful murals. I've captured some of my favourites at the end of this post, but they all share the same message of thanks and hope.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty energized about the coming months. I hope you are keeping sane and productive.

Here's my update:

Gratitude Survey Results

Ran a quick survey on Twitter a few weeks back. I've since transitioned surveys to Google Forms, but check out the results below. I might move everything to airtable or surveymonkey. Results below:

do you practice gratitude survey

Surprised? What frequency and techniques do you practice?

If expressing gratitude makes you happier, how can we encourage others to practice it more often?

New Mobile App = PUTJ:

Codename PUTJ. Kicked off a new mobile application to encourage gratitude with a 'music spin'. We completed a 2-week design sprint and started development last week. This is my first React Native application and eager to see how this pans out. Android and iOS drop June. I'm looking for early adopters. Trying to make this 110% fun, and a bit over the top. Big shouts to Simon for making this possible.

Product slogan: "Share gratitude, live happier."


Shutting down

Last weekend I refunded all active subscribers, logged into Heroku and deleted everything. It was bittersweet.

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UK Mood Tracker

uk mood tracker during covid

I absolutely love this initiative. Happiness levels across the UK are slowly returning to normal?

Feelings Wheel

Feelings Wheel

see full size here - > - shoutout to my friend Max for sharing this link!

Interesting Links:


  • Streaks: 106 days without coffee.
  • I just started a 60-minute daily meditation challenge, anyone want to join?



Just Purchased



I’ve been djing funk and disco from the 70s and 80s on Twitch! Check out my top jams from this month:

Let me know you made it this far. What's your fav Covid activity? What's good in your world?

Thanks for reading,


A few photos from April

thankyoumural thank you who would you like to thank empathy mural thank you doctors nurses do the best you can be kind we are one thank you cartoon covid face mask thank you rainbow we are in this together mural we love you vancouver stand united 2m apart granville street doctor mural life is short art is long mural always essential mural dr bonnie bc vancouver mural soon we will get to hold each other we are all in this together art mural room in order mural kenny covid work out room living room kenny dj pioneer nexus dj house music live on twitch


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