Stable Diffusion Dreambooth AI Profile Photo Prompts, Experiments, and Monthly Roundup - Issue 11

kenny ai profile photo

Greetings, cowgirls and cowboys! 🤠

I'm currently distracted by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it's going to have real-life use cases than just being talked about in cyberspace! Sorry, web3. There's plenty of juicy content in today's e-mail newsletter, but the first half will focus on AI. It’s just too cool to pass up. Yeehaw, that cowboy painting is AI.

Have you installed Stable Diffusion or DreamBooth yet? That's where my Sunday evening went--I spent it creating models for building images based on any text prompt! The process is both fun, as well addictive. This equates to your first time using a search engine like Google.

You can create models of just about anything, including pets, products, and objects, using just 10-20 high-resolution photos in various poses. After the model is constructed (45-90 minutes), the real magic begins, including pure bliss, sheer terror, or some hilarious outcomes. Within seconds, DreamBooth will generate unique images based on any text prompt. It's not perfect, but you can see where we're headed.

AI Text To Image Prompts

  • “kenny person holding a sign with hand written text “kenny”, oil painting, beautiful background”
  • “kenny as a superhero, super galactic background with neon gradient background and shooting stars, muscular, strong”
  • “1900s portrait of kenny, smiling, wearing a suit and hat”

kenny dreambooth photo experiments using ai

AI fails:

kenny stabel difussion ai fails

After taking a quick comparison between my AI photos and others, I realized that they just weren’t popping or looking like me. What gives? Why? Low quality images combined with weird facial expressions made for bad results. To get the best outcome use high-quality and high resolution pictures.

More AI Examples:

Take your ecommerce product or pet to the next level:

AI text to image models screenshot training images of your dog to generate nice woof woof pics

Incredible, right? Here are a few links to get started on your AI journey:

More Black Mirror..

I was at a "Prompt Battle" last night! The idea: Its like a rap battle but with keyboards and #dalle2 access 🤓 Same fierce competition and vibrant energy as a real battle tho! - Alexa Steinbrück

ai prompt battle stable diffusion ai prompt battle contestant

Watch the 3 minute summary -

Ahmanson Lab AI + ART Competition Prompt Battle

The Event (Oct. 19, 2022)

While text-to-image generators allow users to create stunning images--from surreal and fantastical dreamscapes to photorealistic portraits or film stills--with simple text entries, composing the right prompt has emerged as its own kind of craft. This competition was a way to showcase the human and artistic elements of prompt composition and to encourage discussion, in our community, around the social issues that arise with increased access to these new technologies.

Website with additional details -

ai prompt battle classroom

AI Text To Image Prompts:

  • “Windy fantasy floating piano on clouds trending on art station double exposure sun flare in the distance daydream wishing wisps intricate bright whimsy flights of fancy illusion glassy.
round_1_volley_1_player_2 prompt art ai prompt battle round 2

AI Text To Image Prompts:

  • “A flying hill glides along elegantly through the dainty weather under the moonlight, studio ghibli style, cinematic lighting, awe inpiring, intricate details –q 2 –s 20000 –ar 16:9”
prompt battle winner

UGC Video to Pixar Cartoon

Do you see what I see? Video stylization. Create Snap or IG style filters on any video from a line prompt, without a developer or designer. Powered by Stable Diffusion, read and build with this GH Repo.

another stable diffusion smooth video init gif cartoon pixar

A Gen Z Must Read

the gen z field guide must read culture

The Gen Z Field Guide

“91% of Gen Z believe pop culture is obsolete.”

🔥🔥🔥 - A marketers manual for following the niche over the norm. This virtual PDF is for you

Make sure you and your team know who you are. “How to work with me” - Free Notion Template.


Created by Lily Konings, a design manager from Instagram. It helps teammates build rapport, trust, and work together more effectively.

A few questions from the doc

  • How can people earn a gold star with you?
  • How responsive are you when someone reaches out?
  • What are quirks you have that may rub some people the wrong way?
  • How do you prefer to give feedback?

Interesting Links

A curated list of interesting content from the future, IRL, and across the web.

wrathofgnon-screenshot shibuya tokyo game manhole covers earn tokens
  • The 1991 TASH Conference was the first time that many people were exposed to a visual model for managing complex change. This approach has been proven effective and is still applicable today.
Managing complex change 1991 tash conference


If you need help making magic, i’m your boy!

I'm taking on one (1) new client project as a fractional product or marketing partner, team builder, or venture builder. As I'm testing out a slightly different approach, I'm looking for a project that's just right for me.

Details below:

  • New consumer product (zero to one, or PMF looking to 🚀)
  • Great people (no jerks). Socially responsible + conscious mindset + craftsmanship culture.
  • Ideally within one of these verticals: future of work, personal development, social impact, education, and productivity. I’m particularly interested in products that humanize technology to enrich people’s lives.

If you know someone who fits this bill, have them get in touch.

That’s all for now. Thanks for checking out my latest collection of links! I hope they brightened up your day. If you have a moment, please let me know which one was your favourite!

Have a great November,



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